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He sighs, accepting the hug and giving back as much comfort as he could. Resting by his side, he listened carefully with guilt taking over his thoughts, “I’m sorry… I-I guess both of us share secrets then. I… I won’t do that again.” Brian whispers, hiding his face on the other boy’s chest. He’d try, at least. This was very difficult for him, but maybe one day he’d be able to be sincere.

He blushes little bit, glad that other doesn’t see him and doesn’t stop petting him. It was calming. Running his fingers through his shorter hair and feel his warm body.

"Let’s both try, alright? I… I’m… so…" He bites his lip. "Sorry for attacking you like that. I… i shouldn’t. I’m really sorry, Brian." Sighs as he slowly feels urge to apologise for everything rise. How many times was he scolded for it? Did Brian notice?


The rat, as annoyed as it could get, releases himself from Brian’s grip and furtively runs back to his cage where his nice warm dark sleeping place was set. It wasn’t time for him to be awake after all! Brian felt his cheeks get red after watching his plan backlash. Well that was disappointing.

Yet he was able to get a smile from Kei, even if a shy one. Sighing to himself, the brunette gets in the bed along with the other, muttering as softly as he could. “He doesn’t want to see you sad… And hiding things is what he learned to do when people were about to get upset. He’s a coward, I know…”

Snickering at anoyed Blake, he wonders if he should get pet too. But that would be more money to spend and he surely didnt have much to spend on himself right now. If only he had flatmate or lived with somebody. That woudl be better.

Keith hugs other, bringing him close and plants kiss on his forehead,  like he does when his sis is upset and wants to talk and snuggle. “I dont want to see him sad too. But It hurts me more when he puts on that fake smile. You know… I know it way too well. And I will tell you secret that Brian shouldnt hear. But I run from my problems, hiding behind Atlantic ocean.” He whispers slowly peting Brians hair holding him close. He plays along.

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